Romps paints as a response to suffering. Although abstract paintings can be challenging, she believes that in a post photography world abstract art has the best chance of giving the viewer a fresh new experience. Her paintings pierce the heart with stunning colours that seep into the soul, and mysterious shapes that the mind struggles to resolve. In this uncertainty she hopes you will experience a respite from the everyday while your imagination opens new pathways in the brain.
Things you could be saying if you bought a Romps painting:
– "With a Romps painting in my home I am surprised by wonder every day."
– "My life can finally start now."
– "Romps's abstract paintings make me free to once again experience the hazy childhood sensation of generating a semblance of meaning from unintelligible and alien images."
– "I can't passively observe Romps's paintings, they prompt me to actively interpret them."
– "I don't know fuck all about art, but this I like."
– "Romps's paintings are like a machete through the jungle of ingrained patterns, clearing a path to brand new modes of thinking."
A photo of Romps holding a bunny. Photo by Casey Comeau